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Our syllabus comprises of a six-year Aalim-Faadhil course (Darse-Nizami) taught in three different languages; Arabic, Urdu and English. There is also a supplementary year preceding this course for those who have not learned the basics of Islam and/or wish to dedicate more time to learning any of the three languages mentioned above. At this time, English and Urdu classes are included, with Arabic beginning in the very first year of the Aalim course.

After the completion of their Aalim course, students may further their studies by specialising in any of four fields provided by the Darul Uloom within two-years each; Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh (Mufti Course) and Arabic Literature.

Hifz and Tajweed courses are also individually provided by the Darul Uloom (the Tajweed course is also included in the Aalim course).

All graduates of Darul Uloom Qadria Ghareeb Nawaaz are presented with a certificate verifying the attainment of their degree and are adorned with turbans in the Annual Jalsa.

Below is a complete description of every course provided by Darul Uloom Qadria Ghareeb Nawaaz:
Aalim-Faadhil Course:
  First Year
Subject First-half Second-half
Arabic Minhaajul-Arabiyah (Part One) Minhaajul-Arabiyah(Part Two)
Urdu Ta’meer-e-Adab(Reading & Writing) Ta’meer-e-Adab(Reading & Writing)
Fiqh Noorani Ta’leem Noorani Ta’leem
Persian Farsi ki Pehli Gulzaar-e-Dabistaan
Persian Grammar & Urdu Tasheel-ul-Masaadir Urdu Dictation
Hifz Hifz of chosen surahs(Al-Qariah – An-Naas) Hifz of chosen surahs(Sabbihisma – Al-A’diyah)
Language & Arts English & Computers English & Computers
Self-study As-Seeratun-Nabawiyyah (Sallalaahu Alaihi Wasallam)
Second Year
Subject First-half Second-half
Arabic Grammar Bidaayatun-Nahw Nahwe-Meer
Arabic Prose & Grammar Faizul-Adab(Part One) Faizul-Adab(Part Two)
Arabic Etymology Bidaayatus-Sarf Panj-Ganj
Arabic Language Al-Qiraatur-Rasheedah(Part One) Al-Qiraatur-Rasheedah(Part Two)
Urdu Urdu Reading & Writing Urdu Reading & Writing
Fiqh Qanoon-e-Shariat(Aqaaid, Tahaarat & Salaah) Qanoon-e-Shariat(Sawm & Zakaat)
Language & Arts English & Computers English & Computers
Self-study As-Seeratun-Nabawiyyah (Sallalaahu Alaihi Wasallam)
Ghazwaat & Saraayah
Third Year
Arabic Grammar Hidaayatun-Nahw Sharah-e-Miate’aamil
Arabic Prose & Tajweed Al-Qiraatur-Rasheedah(Part Three) Azhaarul-Arab Misbaahut-Tajweed
Arabic Etymology & Tafseer Ilm-us-Segha Darsul-Quran (Surah Baqarah)
Arabic Language Mu’alimul-Inshaa(Part One) Mu’alimul-Inshaa(Part One)
Fiqh Noorul-Eezaah Mukhtasarul-Qudoori
Mantiq Jawaahirul-Mantiq Mirqaat
Balaaghat Duroosul-Balaaghat Al-Balaaghatul-Waadihah
Language & Arts English & Computers English & Computers
Self-Study As-Seeratun-Nabawiyyah (Sallalaahu Alaihi Wasallam)
Ghazwaat & Saraayah
Fourth Year
Subject First-half Second-half
Tafseer Tarjama-e-Quran-e-Paak(Surah Aale-Imraan – Surah An-Nisaa) Tarjama-e-Quran-e-Paak(Surah Al-Maaidah – Surah An’aam)
Hadith Muwatta Imam Muhammad(First Half) Muwatta Imam Muhammad(Second Half)
Fiqh Sharhul-Waqaayah(Part One) Sharhul-Waqaayah(Part Two)
Usool-e-Fiqh Terms of Fiqh & Usoolush-Shaashi Usoolush-Shaashi
Philosophy & Arabic Grammar Hidaayatul-Hikmah Sharho Shuzooriz-Zahab(Complete Book)
Arabic Prose & Language Al-Qiraatur-Rasheedah (Part Four) & Mu’alimul-Insha (Part Two) Al-Qiraatur-Rasheedah (Part Five) & Mu’alimul-Insha (Part Two)
Tajweed Jaamiul-Waqf Fawaaid-e-Makkiyyah
Language & Arts English & Computers English & Computers
Self-Study Taarikhul-Islam (Khilaafatur-Raashidah) Author Imam Zahabi,Minhaajul-Aabideen
Fifth Year
Subject First-half Second-half
Tafseer & Usool-e-Tafseer Jalaalain & Al-Fauzul-Kabeer Jalaalain & Al-Fauzul-Kabeer
Hadith Mishkaatul-Masaabeeh Tirmidhi Sharif
Fiqh Al-Hidaayah (Al-Awwallain) Al-Hidaayah (Al-Awwallain)
Usool-e-Fiqh Noorul-Anwaar Noorul-Anwaar
Aqaaid & Kalaam Sharhul-Aqaaid Sharhul-Aqaaid
Arabic Literature Al-Adabul-Jameel Al-Madeehun-Nabawi
Usool-e-Hadith & Ilmul-Meerath Nukhbatul-Fiker As-Siraaji
Self-Study Taarikhul-Islam (Ahd-e-Bani Umayyah) Author Imam Zahabi,Geography of the Arab and Islamic World
Sixth Year
Subject First-half
Tafseer Madaarik Sharif Baidaawi Sharif
Hadith Bukhari Sharif Bukhari Sharif
Hadith Muslim Sharif Muslim Sharif
Tafseer & Munaazarah Tafseeraat-e-Ahmadiyyah Munaazarah Rasheediyyah
Arabic Literature Deewaan-e-Hamaasah (Baabul-Adab) & Qaseedah Baanaat Su’aad Deewaan-e-Hamaasah(Baabul-Hamaasah)
Fiqh Al-Hidaayah(Al-Aakhirain) Al-Hidaayah(Al-Aakhirain)
Self-Study Taarikh-e-Ashaabe-Sittha & Fuqahaa-e-A’alaam,Taareekhut-Tashree’il-Islami
Specialization Courses – 2 Years each
This institution also issues a certificate in specialization in the following fields after the Aalim-Faadhil course: Tafseer, Al-Hadith, Al-Fiqh and Arabic Literature.
Hifz & Qiraat
Provisions are made for the instruction of memorising the Holy Quran and with discipline, in a short period of time, does the student become a complete and sound hafiz of the Holy Quran.
Hifz & Qiraat
For students that have qualified as huffaaz, a course of Tajweed is offered as follows:
  • Misbaahut-Tajweed
  • Jaamiul-Waqf
  • Fawaaid-e-Makkiyyah
Included in the course of Tajweed is the book Qanoon-e-Shariat, dealing with the general masaail of Shariah.