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Front view of Darul Uloom Qadria Ghareeb Nawaaz
Darul Uloom Qadria Ghareeb Nawaaz is the result of the tremendous work carried out by Hadrat Maulana Sayyid Muhammad Aleemuddin Misbahi who felt a great need for the establishment of a Darul Uloom in South Africa. In 1997, teaching had begun within small and humble residential sites in Ladysmith and it was only until 2002 that the true aspiration of Maulana Sayyid Aleemuddin was finally apparent to the Muslims of South Africa: an organisation devoted to propagating the teachings of Islam to not just the students who shall attend it, but to Muslims and non-Muslims far and wide across the globe. Below are some of the services currently being rendered by Darul Uloom Qadria Ghareeb Nawaaz:
  • An Islamic institution wherein boys may become Ulama, Huffaaz, Quraa and/or gain further Islamic distinctions (e.g. Specialisation in Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh (Mufti course) and Arabic Literature) without the requirement to leave the institution or study elsewhere for any certain period (see Syllabus). With proficient and highly-qualified teachers, who also write and deliver waiz (Islamic lectures) regularly to the public during their free time, situated to teach in their respective fields, students are able to excel in the subjects they have chosen to partake in. The Darul Uloom also provides full boarding and lodging facilities with free medical care, as well as a sports field for leisure purposes.

    To this date, many students have already graduated from Darul Uloom Qadria Ghareeb Nawaaz as Ulama and Huffaaz and are dedicatedly serving their and other communities, and we are currently host to students from all over the world, such as the UK, Fiji, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Trinidad and Tobago the West Indies etc.

  • A Publishing Department continuously providing Islamic literature in different forms to a wide audience around the world (see Publications).

  • A Darul-Ifta wherefrom lawful Islamic Verdicts are issued in reply to Islamic queries forwarded from within South Africa and abroad.

  • An Annual Jalsa (Islamic Gathering) and Graduation ceremony attended by both international and local Ulama. 2001 saw the first Islamic Conference of South Africa held by Darul Uloom Qadria Ghareeb Nawaaz, and Alhamdu-lillah, since then, we have been honoured by the attendance of many notable Ulama from countries as far as the India, Kuwait,UK, USA, Holland and , such as Allama Maulana Dr. Sayyid Amin Mia Barkaati Sahib (under whose patronage was Darul Uloom Qadria Ghareeb Nawaaz founded), Taaj-us-Shariah Allama Maulana Akhtar Raza Sahib, Allama Maulana Haashim Rifaa???ee Sahib, Mufti Ahmadul-Qadri Sahib, Maulana Qamruz-Zamaan Aazmi Sahib, Maulana Shamsul Huda Misbahi Sahib, amongst others. Details of our Annual Jalsas are published periodically on this website.
Future additions:
  • Darul Uloom Qadria Ghareeb Nawaaz also intends to further its services by establishing a girl???s Darul Uloom in South Africa, and Alhamdu-lillah, work has already begun by Maulana Sayyid Aleemuddin on this project.