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Moulana Sayyid Muhammad Aleemudeen Misbahi and the Darul Uloom Qadria Ghareeb Nawaaz

Among the shining stars of Jamia Ashrafia Mubaarakpur is also the name of Hadrat Moulana Syed Aleemudeen Misbahi. He qualified with me in 1985 and then proceeded to Bombay where with his great dedication in the field of Islamic propagation, I have lost count of the number of people who accepted his guidance.

With his great zeal and leadership he took Darul Uloom Hanafi Radawi in Qulaabar Bombay to new heights in learning and propagation. After completing this great work, his quest for promoting knowledge led him to the international arena. In 1989, his first stop was Darus Salaam (Tanzania).
Here to, Hadrat Moulana Syed Aleemudeen Misbahi showed immense dedication and responsibility to the Ahle Sunnah wa Jamaah. 

Armed with this Islamic spirit, he travelled to South Africa in 1991. Later in January 1992 he proceeded to Ladysmith and highlighted the Maslak of Ala'Hadrat Imam Ahmad Rida (radi Allahu anhu) as propounded by Hadrat Haafiz-e-Millat Muhaddith Abdul-Azeez Al-Qaadiri (radi Allahu anhu), the founder of the world renowned Arabic University, Al-Jaami'atul-Ashrafia.

He always advised as follows:- Always be steadfast and constant at any given place for success. Strive and work hard on earth (for Islam), so that you may live comfortable below it. In 1995, Moulana Moi'nul Haq Aleemi Misbahi and his imminent teacher Hadrat Moulana Yaseen Akthar Misbahi (founder Darul Qalam New Delhi) visited South Africa and advised Moulana Aleemudeen to start a Darul-Uloom. Hence, in 1997 he laid the foundation for this new project under the name of Darul Uloom Qaadiriyya Ghareeb Nawaaz.

There is no doubt that an Islamic learning centre is a key facet in any country. Only those who have been blessed with insight and with Islamic dedication would be able to understand this fact. In my 26 years close association with Hadrat Moulana, I can safely say that he is a man of impeccable qualities.

There is no doubt that the personality of Moulana Aleemudeen is a combination of patience, dedication, courage and sacrifice. It is due to these character traits that we have today an Islamic centre of this dimension and magnitude. Its certainly the dedication of Moulana Aleemudeen that he made this possible with all odds against him in this volatile environment. We pray that this Garden of Knowledge always blooms and spread its fragrance in the world. May the Almighty Allah (subahanahu wataala) increase its strength and influence everyday.

There is no doubt that any good work is a living testimony to an individual and Darul Uloom Qaadiriyya Ghareeb Nawaaz is a testimony to Hadrat Moulana Syed Muhammad Aleemudeen Misbahi's great dedication to the cause of Islam.

The very walls of this institute generate sweet fragrance of the Love and Respect one should possess for the Almighty Allah (subahanahu wataala) and His Beloved Rasool (sallal laahu alaihi wa sallam) and the Awliya Allah (radi Allahu anhu). I sincerely make dua that the Almighty Allah (subahanahu wataala) with the wasila of the great Awliya lengthen the age of Hadrat Moulana Syed Muhammad Aleemudeen Misbahi and give him more strength to continue this work.

I also make Dua that this Institute continues for many years so that Muslims continue to enjoy the spiritual benefits emanating from it and embody themselves with the true teachings of the Ahle Sunnah wa Jamaah. Aameen

South Africa, Ladysmith an industrialized town in January 1997, Peer-e-Tariqat Hazrat Allama Al Hajj Hafiz o Qari Sayid Muhammed Aleemuddeen Asdaq Azmi Misbahi damaat barakatuhum Al Qudsiya the beloved son of Qutbe waqt,flower garden of chishtiyat, wali-e- kamil Peer Sayid Shah Moinudeen Ahmad Asdaq Ghausi Chisti Qadri Azmi Ibn Hazrat Sayid Mahar Ali Rahmatullahi Alaihima, unconcerned materialistically solely depended on the bounty of Allah ta-ala and mercy of his beloved Rasool Sallal Laahu Alaihi was Salaam rented a house in a foreign place incepted under distinguished name “DARUL Uloom Qadria Ghareeb Nawaaz purely Islamic institute, and from here an Educational voyage was undertaken.

The establishment of such a Darul Uloom in Southern Africa for the Spiritual upliftment of congregational Ahlusunnat wal Jamaat, and is an organized educational movement which is affiliated by two great personalities, namely Ghaus Saqlain Sayiduna Abdul Qadri Al Jailani and Ataa-e-Rasool Sultanul Hind Khwaja Moindeen Chisti Alaihimar Rahman. His Excellency, the founder determined to make this on ideal educational learning so that behind these young minds and intellect of this western orientated society, be guided and enlightened with Islamic mindset and ideologies by adorning and instilling moral Islamic values thus making them custodians of deen and to make Darul Uloom a stronghold and fortress of deen and Shariah. All praises due to Allah the Magnificent Darul Uloom has been sailing towards success in all of its intentions thus far, and through the nurturing of the high and excellent quality of education has procured fame and popularity and thus driving the focus of the students and becoming a fort. In 2001, Lahore Road Ladysmith on more than 2500m2 building area a beautiful double storey building was erected by the founder and rector due to the numerous students enrolling. In the same year a conference rally and an inaugural jalsa was held. Within a short span of time the Darul Uloom became a time honoured like wild fire in the forest which spread from far and wide neighboring countries.

Today, by the grace of Allah Almighty, Darul Uloom through its courteous supervision, leading education together with astounding nurturing and tutoring is engrossed in serving the religion due to its prestigious works and unique specialties not only in South Africa but many countries, Zimbawe, Mozambique, Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Maurtius, Austrial, Fiji Islands, Angola, Libya, Tanzania, Kenya and Trinidad and Tobago (West Indies) it is an icon of knowledge which is an abode for all.

Jamia Faatima

Every individual is well acquainted with the importance and need of female education because just as the fostering of a child rests upon a mother, the lap of a mother is the first key learning stepping stone. In early childhood their probing minds are an analogy to a blank piece of paper or shiny mirror that anything good or bad habit imparted will linger for life. Perhaps the lap of a mother to nurture the child into a good person and instill good moral conduct plays a very crucial role. In whichever society possesses good and devout individuals the people of that society is not victimized of becoming misled and corrupt. This is a formation of a pure and pious society that depends solely on the lap of a mother. Like how the lap of the mother will be that is how the upbringing would be and the way the upbringing will be that’s how the society would exist.

This thought struck and ignited the Founder to establish a mother of knowledge’s lap by erecting a girl’s college, Jamia Faatima so that Muslim children and sisters are adorned with heavenly jewels and Islamic tuition. Every house should be painted with the colour of Islam.

In south Africa there are different school of thoughts which have Girls colleges in process till now there was no such institute whereby interpreting the Ahlusunnah wal Jamah the founder sensed and extreme and dire need from a very long period that such a Girls College should be established, which it would represent the face of Ahlusunnah wal Jamat.

Hazrat’s yearning desire brought about accomplishment through the medium (waseelah) of sayiduna Muhammad Mustafa sallal laahu alailhi was salaam, Sarkaar Ghaus Paak and Sarkaar Khwaji Ghareeb Nawaaz and through the blessing and duas of the Mashaaikhe Kiraam, this newely founded college Jamia Faatima is swiftly taking shape and contours, Insha Allah, by the generous efforts and lofty assistance of our dear brothers the construction of Jamia Faatima Kulliyatul Banaat will soon be excuted and fulfilled and in it, by Allah will the education for our womenfolk begin.

The founder, Darul Uloom Qadria Ghareeb Nawaaz associated Kulliyatul Banaat to that of the beloved Daughter of our grand master Huzoor Pur Noor Sayyiduna Rasoollalah namely Queen of Jannah Hazrat Sayyidah Faatima Radi Allahu Anha, whose upbringing and nurturing made them prince of Jammat for the safety of Islam. Her life, wealth and entire household were sacrificed for the Almighty Allah. The spiritual blessings may stream and flow constantly and benefit those womenfolk pursuing Islamic education and mould their character accordingly so that their existence be manifested, the future of their laps will be in synonymous Islamic learning cradle.

This nurtured child will this become a good and pious being. Also bearing Islamic Ideologies and for safeguarding Islamic values. To muster their true sentiment and to stake their lives and wealth for Islam.